Our subsidiaries

Our subsidiaries develop expertise in the following sectors: defence, industry and space

Specialists in the simulation of complex systems, our offer is based on these services: an extensive offer, from the selection to the distribution of technical and scientific software for the implementation of modelling solutions and mobile systems analysis.

An expert support to assist you in your integration and development activities and especially the 3D and terrain modelling and for simulation systems and highly sensitive sensors. Having our unique experience in space and military applications, we are able to provide you with tailor-made answers to the most specific issues.

Agenium Industries is the specialist in the treatment of obsolescence of embedded systems.

With a very specific expertise on the operational maintenance of obsolete systems, Agenium Industries offers full support of old systems, military and civilian, perfectly integrated with your technical and financial constraints.

Agenium Space offers expertise in the fields of Earth observation and Deep Learning in two areas: space missions and multisource downstream services (satellite data, UAV, IoT...). In space missions, its skills cover as much on-board processing as image ground segments and spaceflight dynamics.

Flight dynamics (extrapolation and orbit restitution, positioning and station-keeping, AOCS...), Deep Learning (3D reconstruction, change detection, cloud detection...). Experts at Agenium Space manage all phases of space projects: thermal studies and feasibility studies, mission analyses, development of spaceflight dynamics centres prototypes and image chains, but also operational support, flight reviews, image quality studies, geometry and radiometry expertise. Our references speak for us: CNES, ESA, European Commission, Eumetsat, Airbus, Thales...

The Agriload platform is an integrated application solution for biosolutions by drones.

From automatic flight plan generation to tracking the treatment, Agriload incorporates a customised set of solutions that enable precise and modular treatments for parcels, drastically reducing manual tasks. The key to sustainable and long-lasting production, the implementation of digital and robotic tools is comprehensive only if it forms part of an integrated solution.
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